Real Property Section Slate 2017-2018

The Nomination Committee of the MSBA Real Property Section is proud to put forward the following slate of Officers, Legislative Committee Chair, Real Estate Discussion Group Chair, Land Use Committee Chair, Common Interest Ownership Committee Chair, Closings and Title Committee Chair, Foreclosure Committee Chair, and Section Council members-at-large for the 2017/2018 term.  The final slate will be voted upon at the Section’s annual meeting on June 16, 2017, 8:00 a.m. in Ocean City, Maryland.


Pursuant to Section 4.3 of the Bylaws for the Maryland State Bar Association Real Property Section (the “Section”), below is the list of Nominations for Officers, Committee Chairs and Members-At-Large for the Council of the Section as proposed by the Nominating Committee of the Section.


Chair*: Stacy L. Manley

Vice-Chair: Matthew L. Kimball

Secretary/Treasurer: Morenike O.E. Oyenusi


Legislative Committee: William A. O’Connell

Real Estate Discussion Group: Mindy Saler

Land Use Committee: Thomas G. Coale

Common Interest Ownership Committee: Jeremy M. Tucker

Closings and Title Committee: Robert L. Flynn III

Foreclosure Committee: Scott Nadel


Sarah D. Cline

* Consistent with the provisions of Section 4.2 of the Bylaws, the current Vice Chair is shown to have automatically succeeded to the office of the Chair upon the expiration of the term of the current Chair.

New Terms:  The following nominees for Members-At-Large of the Council shall begin new two-year terms ending in June 2019:
Gregory M. Bedward, Prince George’s County

Audrey McFarlane, Baltimore City

Judith Salzman Tortora, Baltimore County

Renewed Terms: The following Members-At-Large of the Council shall continue to serve, each with a renewed two-year term ending in June 2019:

Timothy Dugan, Montgomery County

Devorah M. Lewin, Baltimore County

Searle E. Mitnick, Baltimore City

Continuing Term:  The following Members-At-Large of the Council shall continue to serve for the remainder of their respective two-year term ending in June 2018:

Kendall A. Camuti, Frederick County

Joseph F. Devlin, Anne Arundel County

Pete Fastow, Howard County

Richard A. Froehlinger III, Baltimore City

Bryan K. Saxton, Baltimore County

The following Member-At-Large of the Council shall serve for the remainder of the two-year term of Morenike O.E. Oyenusi, ending in June 2018:

Jennifer E. Zohorsky, Baltimore City

The following Member-At-Large of the Council shall serve for the remainder of the two-year term of Robert L. Flynn III, ending in June 2018:

Christopher D. Mudd, Baltimore County

The Immediate Past Chair, Francie Cohen Spahn, and the Penultimate Past Chair, Ann L. Ramsey, will serve as Honorary Members of the Council pursuant to Section 3.2 of the Section’s Bylaws.


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