Project to Implement E-Recording in Maryland – Discussion in Ocean City June 12 and update from the Project Manager

Maryland’s e-recording pilot project is going live in just a few weeks. To get ready for this significant change, join the Real Property Section at its annual program on Friday, June 12 in Ocean City as part of MSBA’s Annual Meeting. The session gets underway at 8:30 am, following the Real Property Section’s breakfast and business meeting. Here is a brief synopsis:

In all of the hullabaloo over the Anne Arundel County rollout of electronic filing of pleadings and papers in litigation in Maryland’s courts (MDEC), comparatively little notice was taken of an Administrative Order of the Court of Appeals (signed October 7, 2014) approving a pilot program in Baltimore County for the electronic filing of land records documents. Although there was a flurry of activity on the Section listserv about the proposal, the majority of the comments were optimistic, although there was some trepidation expressed as well. Consequently, we have gathered the innovators and a commentator from the local Bar to explain how the pilot program is progressing, what glitches (if any) it has experienced, and where it may go from here.

Speakers: Judge Kathleen Gallogly Cox, Administrative Judge, Circuit Court for Baltimore County (to be confirmed); Judge Julie Ensor, Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County; Barbara Hansman, Judicial Information Systems, Administrative Office of the Maryland Courts; Henry I. Louis, Esq. (Lutherville)

Also, here is an update provided by Barbara Hansman, Project Manager for the e-recording project, on April 24:

Earlier this month, we offered members of the title industry the ability to become familiar with the system and possibly help us test by submitting sample documents. Several volunteers have contacted us; we thank them and appreciate their comments and input. Some of the title companies already use the Simplifile system in other States. Others have been set up with a login and password and have received a walk-through and training so they can begin to understand the process and practice uploading documents and specifying its attributes. Their practice documents help us too.

We also conducted demonstrations for some Clerks of Court and some of their Land Record staff, as well as our Attorney General.

As you may know, the whole system is much more than a submitter tool; it involves the Baltimore County Finance Office, and sometimes SDAT, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, the existing ELROI system for integration, indexing, verifying and reporting, and the Archives. It requires banking transactions, supporting reports, journal entries. It requires collaboration between different vendors, different agencies as well as different perspectives. Fortunately, we have a good team. We continue to test and are starting to request system sign-offs from various groups.

We have a draft Go-Live document that specifies the remaining tasks to wrap up any loose ends. We are still on track for introducing the pilot in mid-May, and we want to communicate our planned approach. Simplifile’s recommendation is to invite a small group of submitters, some that already use their system, and some that don’t, to begin real production recording on the go-live day. Simplifile will monitor the documents that are submitted and watch them through the workflow, and be on-site to assist. Related vendors will also be available. At an MLTA meeting long ago, several title companies asked if they could be “first” so we will be contacting them again to confirm their interest (some of them are our industry testers), and starting off with that enthusiastic group.

Thanks everyone for your continued support for the e-Recording Project. If anyone else is interested in obtaining a login, viewing a webinar or visiting the Towson office, please let me know.

Just a reminder that there is some high level information on our website


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