Baltimore Metropolitan Council Presents: An Event to Re-imagine I-83 in Baltimore City

Baltimore Metropolitan Council is presenting a free and open event on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 5:30-7:30 pm at 1500 Whetstone Way, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21230 to discuss the future of I-83 through Baltimore. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here.

Here are some details and explanation:

The Jones Falls, and now I-83 from present day Chase Street to Fayette Street, has always served as important conduit for the City of Baltimore. Overlooked and forgotten, the Jones Falls silently yields to the utilitarian duties of a six-lane highway overhead. Yet the river continues to flow towards the Inner Harbor as nature intended. Should this elevated section of highway be reconfigured to allow the Jones Falls to emerge? What are the benefits, the costs?

I-83 handles about 57,000 vehicles on an annual average day (AADT) at its connection to President Street and the volume grows to over 100,000 AADT at Penn Station. There are many implications to consider should this portion of elevated highway become a boulevard. San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Boston have removed sections of downtown freeways and may provide lessons for Baltimore.

How can reconfiguring I-83 and daylighting the Jones Falls maximize the potential for development and economic opportunities? At what cost?

Join us as our expert panel explore and undercover a path towards a more prosperous and sustainable future:

Jay Brodie | Former President, Baltimore Development Corporation – Listen to further insight following Brodie’s recent op-ed on the JFX and years of work in Baltimore

Sam Himmelrich | Founder and Developer, Himmelrich Associates – View the Jones Falls’ potential through Himmelrich’s portfolio of mill redevelopment

Frank Murphy | Senior Advisor, Baltimore City Department of Transportation – Learn from Murphy’s four plus decades of land use and transportation expertise in Baltimore

Christopher Streb | Practice Leader and Ecological Engineer, Biohabitats – Envision a daylighted Jones Falls through Streb’s successful daylighting and restoration projects

David Wallace (moderator) | Partner Emeritus, RK&K – Gain clarity on this complex yet well-studied opportunity for the Baltimore region

Want to learn more before the event? Don’t worry — here are plenty of resources to become an aficionado:

The Nature of Cities: Global Roundtable on Daylighting and Restoring Urban Streams

Urban Palimpsest – Thoughts on Cities, Culture, and Design: The Path of Least Resistance

Tree Hugging Urbanist: The Jones Falls Valley Corridor

Envision Baltimore: Unlocking the Potential of the Jones Falls Valley Corridor

Danielle Joan Alexander: Baltimore’s Living Machine

City of Seattle: 6 Case Studies on Freeway Removal

Congress for New Urbanism: Rethinking Highways in American Cities

Mayors Innovation – Details Economic and Development Implications: Rethinking the Urban Freeway


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